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Advocating Justice

Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) has been a core value of Reform Judaism throughout its history. The World Union seeks to mend, improve and bear responsibility for the global community we live in through local as well as international social action and by instilling the value of tikkun olam in our youth.

Feeding the hungry, helping victims of terrorism, settling new olim (immigrants) in Israel, fighting for gender equality and the preservation of our environment are all causes on the World Union's international humanitarian agenda.

As a leader in the struggle for the recognition and legitimacy of Reform and other non-Orthodox streams of Judaism, the World Union has had a significant impact on promoting social justice and pluralism in Israel and, by extension, around the world.

The World Union has also expanded the scope of its international advocacy by partnering on special initiatives with other nongovernmental organizations, such as the U.N., the Human Rights Commission and UNESCO.

In these times of increasing extremism, the World Union's commitment to human dignity and tolerance make it a valued participant in the international interfaith dialog among Christians, Muslims and Jews.