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Lashir Benefesh


Sixth Edition of the Lashir Benefesh was a success

The Lashir Benefesh – Singing with the Soul meeting, which had the support of the WUPJ Latin America, brought together dozens of participants in March at the Congregação Israelita Mineira congregation in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.

The Lashir Benefesh is a group that travels around and that brings together Chazanim professionals as well as sympathizers to participate in training activities as well reflect on Chazanim and Jewish culture.

The sixth edition of the event was organized by Phillip Manuard and discussed topics related to repertoire, musical scores, rhythm, the transformation of the written text to the spoken language, techniques related to voice and the rest of the body, group experience and the study of Chazanim who were important in the past.

The next meeting will be held at the ARI congregation in Rio de Janeiro on March 10, 11 and 12, 2013.

Fifth Edition Lashir Be Nefesh - CIP/São Paulo

The fifth edition of the Lashir Benefesh was held at the end of March in São Paulo, at the headquarters of the Congregação Israelita Paulista (CIP) congregation with the support of the WUPJ-LA. The meeting brought together 30 chazzanut professionals and sympathizers from 6 states within Brazil, regardless of their religious movement, with the objective of training the participants and providing an exchange of experiences.

The event counted on the special participation of the Argentinean conductor and composer Prof. Dr. Zeev Malbergies, who approached such topics as the different origins of Jewish liturgical music; the richness of the nusach (style) and its versions; the role of the chazan nowadays; and new compositions for a millennial liturgy.

Before the encounter, Marcus Strozberg from the Israeli Society of Ceará already showed enthusiasm. "We have a lot to thank the organizers for. This year, in Purim, I read some lines directly from the meguilá with the appropriate melody. This was only possible thanks to what I learned in other courses", he stated.

As part of the program there was the Lashir Beiachad, an event open to the community and which offered our whole community the chance to sing and play Jewish songs with the participants of this 5th Lashir Benefesh. All were invited to bring their songs and instruments to sing with the group.

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Fourth Edition Lashir Be Nefesh SIBRA/Porto Alegre

The fourth edition of Encontro Lashir Benefesh (sing with the soul) gathered professionals and supporters of chazanut around Brazil at the headquarters of the Sociedade israelita Brasileira (SIBRA) in Porto Alegre.

From 20 to 22 June were must-seen lectures and workshops about singing, body awareness, liturgy, history, among other topics. The meeting was also attended by the chazzan Andrew Bernard, of temple Beth El in Charlotte, North Carolina, which brought profound contributions regarding his work, Nussach and fluency of religious services.

On day 21 was held a crowded recital in tribute to 75 anniversary of SIBRA, when more than 400 people packed the main hall of the Sheraton Hotel to honor the chazanim from around the United States and Brazil. youtube

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Third Edition Lashir Be Nefesh ARI/Rio de Janeiro

Was held at the headquarters of the ARI, from 20 to 22 December, the third meeting Lashir Benefesh, a workshop for training the chazanim, professionals and volunteers involved with the Jewish liturgy. With a set of workshops on topics such as prayer, reading of the Torah, the traditional musical modes, repertoire, vocal and bodily techniques, the event provided the opportunity to meet people from all over Brazil, exchange experiences and expertise through discussions and master classes

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Second Edition Lashir Be Nefesh CIP/São Paulo

Between the 15th and 16th of March, took place in São Paulo, at the headquarters of the Congregação Israelita Paulista-CIP, the second encounter Lashir Benefesh, a training for professionals chazanim and volunteers involved with the Jewish liturgy. The goal of the initiative, which had its first edition in July 2008, during the Conference of the WUPJ-Latin America is to gather and train people to learn and exchange experiences with regard to performance and conduct of musical liturgy in religious services. On this second edition, there were two days of intensive activities and lectures covering topics such as: history of the chazanut, the role of the chazzan as educator, Nussach for Iamim Noraim, besides teaching practices of repertoire and body preparation. The exchange of experiences among participants, was the main highlight of the meeting, which strengthened the desire and need for continuing training and learning.

In addition to the delegation of Sao Paulo, with more than 25 people, also attended chazanim from Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Fortaleza.

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First Edition Lashir BeNefesh ARI/Rio de Janeiro

In July 2008, shortly before the Conference of the Latin American Jewish Communities held in Rio de Janeiro, happened a first course of Jewish music Lashir Be Nefesh (Singing with the soul). Designed by Sheliar tzibur Philippe Manuard (CIM/BH), and given also by the Hazzan Oren Boljover (ARI/RJ), this course is intended for professional Chazanim, the Shlihei already active in their synagogues, or community members who wish to enhance their knowledge and musical performance.

This innovative course was conceived as the first part of the musical experience and reflection that was continued with two Workshops during the Conference.

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