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WUPJ Conferences
   Israel 2008
   Campos do Jordão 2007
   Panama 2007
   Jerusalem 2007
   Porto Alegre 2006



The reformist and progressive youth movements are growing worldwide. And, we can say with pride, that here in Brazil and in Latin America, the scene couldn't be better. On the initiative of the progressive movement and Zionist TaMaR (Tnuat Magshimim Reformit), an organization of the WUPJ to young adults 18 to 30 years of age, various meetings are scheduled.

The TaMaR International was created in 1996 by Netzer Olami (Noar Tzioni Reformi, progressive and Zionist movement for young people up to 17 years) which today unites approximately 16,000 people in 18 countries, inspiring with love for Israel, with the consciousness of being a Jewish people and with continuous traditions in the context of modern democracy and religious pluralism.


Inaugural class of the Shidrug Project, August2012

The objective of the Shidrug course is to update and further develop Jewish content and topics tied to the challenges of Jewish education with the madrichim who excelled and who are considering following a professional career as educators or as volunteer leaders at the CIP- Congregação Israelita Paulista and the Jewish community in general.

The inaugural class of the enrichment course for educational leaders of the Jewish community conducted in partnership with the Arymax Foundation and the WUPJ-LA was held at the CIP headquarters at the end of August.

The group of young people received a warm welcome from the representatives of the management of the CIP, the Arymax and the program and immediately following participated in a lively chat with the special guests. Present at the class were Marcelo Maghidman, Master in Philosophy and special education consultant; Damian Dzienciarsky, Hebrew language and Tanach specialist and current curriculum coordinator of the Jewish department of the Peretz School; Dr. Eli Gottlieb, director of the Mandel Leadership Institute and Vice President of the Mandel Foundation in Israel; Rabbi Michael Marmur, Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Hebrew Union College; and Zvi Bekerman director of the Melton Center for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he teaches anthropology of education at the School of Education. Dr. Bekerman, Rabbi Marmur and Dr. Gotlieb participated in the meeting through Skype.

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ARI's youth attend seminar in Israel - 2008

Gabriel Rajsfus and Fernando Beer Frenkel traveled to Israel to participate in Seminar sponsored by ARZENU in collaboration with the WUPJ and The International Anita Saltz Education Center.

The seminar, geared toward young adults up to 45 years, was intended to familiarize participants with the Zionist movement of Progressive Judaism-ARZENU, its principles and ideals. Aiming to provide enriching experiences to promote spiritual and religious growth, the expansion of the base of Jewish knowledge and the strengthening of ties with congregations and institutions linked to the WUPJ operating in Israel.

Participants left, provided with tools to enhance leadership capacity and skills essential for the development of activities of the chapters of ARZENU and community work in the countries of origin.

The studies have structured in three main modules: Am Israel (the people of Israel), Torat Israel (the Torah of Israel) and Eretz Israel (the land of Israel). The contents are transmitted in the form of a dynamic Zionist-journey. The curriculum will involve Tefilá-prayer, Beit Midrash - study of our sources, Bshetach Limudim fieldwork and Hadrachá - leadership exercises.

The seminar was attended by participants from 13 countries: Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, United States, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine.

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2nd Latin America TaMaR Seminar –
    Campos do Jordão / São Paulo

15 - 18 November

To lead the event from Israel were Tati Schagas, Director of TaMar Olami for Latin America and Maoz Haviv, Director General of TaMaR Olami. About 40 University leaders of Argentina, Brazil and Chile, with ages between 18 and 30 years devoted to a program that included a daily religious service for both Shacharit and Maariv, including Cabalat Shabbat and Shacharit Shabbat Services led by representatives from each of the communities present. The extensive program brought as important points the Tamar programs development in Latin America, successful experiences in several communities and also moments of relaxation and socialization.

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Leadership Seminar / TaMaR – Panamá 2007

31 May to 03 June

With the support from UJCL (Unión Judia de Congregaciones de Latinoamérica y el Caribbean) had been held a meeting of young adults in Panama. Young people were very motivated and are working to educate the next generation of leaders in the region and thank especially the Rabbi Gustavo Kraselnik and all the rabbis of the region by making the dream become reality. None of this would be possible without the support of the WUPJ. Alua Ainhorn Marques Fernandes, leader of TaMaR in Porto Alegre was also representing Brazil at this meeting and says he was delighted to meet Jewish communities from different countries and customs, but with common desires and dreams of our young people. She also took her contribution to the seminar and brought ideas to achieve in their community.

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Young leadership program Saltz Education Center –
    Jerusalem 2007

23 July to 02 August

Youth and young adults are not only the leadership of tomorrow, as also the basis of our movement today. With this thought the WUPJ-LA, with the involvement and effort of the congregations affiliated to the WUPJ in ARI (Rio de Janeiro), CIM (Minas Gerais), CIP (São Paulo), SIBRA and TaMar (Porto Alegre), NCI Emanu-el and Netzer (Argentina), a group of 15 young was sent to Israel.

This first Latin-American leadership seminar to young adults, is a response to the needs of the region. With support from Anita Saltz Education Center, young people with leadership positions in their communities and region as volunteers leaders, members of the TaMaR, madrichim or future professionals involved with its Jewish communities, could spend ten richly days with learning and living Judaism

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1st Latin America TaMaR Seminar – Tapas,
    Porto Alegre 2006

28 – 30 June

This seminar was a total success and confirmed on what can be done in our communities and continues the movement in those countries. Nearly 100 young adults from twelve different cities gathered on a weekend where they learned, prayed, discussed, shared, worked, dreamed and planned their next steps, young people who are or may be community's leaders in their cities: compromised, progressive Zionists, young people eager to play an important role in their communities and to liberal Judaism.

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