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WUPJ Conferences
   San Francisco 2011
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   Jerusalem 2003

WUPJ - Global

San Francisco 2011

The World Union For Progressive Judaism’s 35th Biennial Connections 2011 – 7 to 13 February, at The Westin San Francisco Market Street Hotel.

The highest leaders of reform and liberal Judaism will be participating in this Conference, including Rabbi Eric Yoffie, Rabbi David Ellenson, Rabbi David Saperstein, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Rabbi Tony Bayfield, Rabbi Michael Marble, Rabbi Shoshanna Boyd Gelfand, Rabbi of the former USSR and many more. youtube


Jerusalem 2009

The Conference opens with an impressive parade of flags from around the world a ceremony symbolizing the global reach of our Jewish family to connect to each other. This event was a celebration of all participants of the WUPJ. Lectures of the leaders of the movement about the present and future were made; the days that followed were filled with activities, with some musical and visual presentations to help enter the State of mind of CONNECTIONS.

The Shabbat service was odd, an exciting experience, spiritual, multilingual shared with hundreds of leaders and volunteers from the four corners of the world.

In a special closing reception the participants socialized starting new connections that will strengthen in the future

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Jerusalem 2007

Several countries in Latin America, which includes Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean and South America, sent representatives. Brazil were 25 activists and volunteers, young people and adults, congregations and movements affiliated to the WUPJ (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte). Besides this expressive participation, there was a panel for the presentation of work in Brazil, attended by Marina Gottlieb (President ARI-RJ), Dora Lucia Brenner (Chairman CIP), Natalia Rabinovitch (TaMar * SP) and Miriam Vasserman, Member of the Executive Committee of the WUPJ to Latin America. The younger Alua Ainhorn Marques Fernandes, representative of TaMar Porto Alegre, also participated in a youth panel.

Next step as concrete result of participation in the Conference will be:

Intensify the dissemination of the principles of Progressive Judaism
and the actions of the WUPJ in communities of the region;

Facilitate the application/registration for studies of educators and
rabbis in various universities Reformist **-Leo Baeck College-Centre
for Jewish Education in London, the Abraham Geiger College in
Berlin and the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in
the United States and Israel to create and formalize something
special for Latin America.

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Moscow 2005

Argentina, Brazil and Chile have sent representatives to the 32nd International Convention of the WUPJ, held in Moscow.

Leaders of the liberal Jewish movement defended actions by interreligious dialogue and the strengthening of democracy as ways to combat racism, terror and promote pluralism.

Panels were also made about the liturgical ritual, the role of women and the relationship with the State of Israel.

The meeting brought together about 400 people from 24 countries.

The journalist Jaime Spitzkovsky accompanied the delegation of the Latin America and gave a detailed account about the meeting.

Jerusalem 2003

The Convention, held in Jerusalem and Haifa, about 200 representatives of the WUPJ, more than 20 countries, discussed the current situation and planned Jewish progressive and reformist movement future throughout the world. In Brazil, there are four entities affiliated to the WUPJ: in São Paulo, the CIP; in Rio de Janeiro, ARI; in Minas Gerais, the Congregação Israelita Mineira (CIM), and in Porto Alegre, Sociedade Israelita Brasileira (SIBRA).

One of the great struggles of the WUPJ is to strengthen the pluralistic aspect of the State of Israel, with the growing acceptance of liberal Judaism and become recognized.

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