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Fundamentals & Practices
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Fundamentals and practices

Contemporary reform movement

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The movement remains faithful to his original principles to practice Judaism in constant progress and oriented towards social justice. Reform Jews accept Jewish law, but put an emphasis on moral autonomy of individuals to decide which laws have religious significance to them.

Currently the study of Torah, Talmud and Halakha are encouraged as the major source of Jewish tradition, with greater focus on social and ethical actions. It is in this spirit that has been reintroduced, over the past few decades, a set of practices before considered overcome by reformist Jews as classics, e.g., the revaluation of Hebrew language shared by the entire people of Israel, whether in religious services; respect for the Sabbath; and, on some level, the laws of Kashrut. The return to traditional practices has been increasingly encouraged by educational institutions and religious reform movement today.


Progressive Judaism - Fundamentals

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Our place in the world

Judaism is an ancient tradition, but alive, whose contribution to the life of mankind has been immense. Our religious Jewish civilization has been shaped in different ways. Progressive Judaism is the response that our teachers and our teachings found in the ideas of the modern Western world. This type of cross-influence is not an unprecedented experience in Jewish history. Is a constant and, in each of the eras of history, secured the revitalization of Judaism.

There are many frightening aspects of modern life: the disregard by religion and tradition; the fall of the importance of God and the importance given to humanity. There is still a blind faith in science and scientific knowledge, along with the abuse of technology as an instrument of torture and destruction. We live in a time of excessive materialism, unlimited exploitation of human and natural resources for profit and lifting of self-interest to the main determinant of human relationships.

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